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Read on these web pages how we, by buying a property of approx. 10.000 sqm in the new central area of Pomarico, with money earned THROUGH working honestly in Germany and with the scope to create independent work, we ended up in the HANDS of the MAFIA which in the area is simply called  Mayor and “public administration”

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Read how by using administrative means the projects were methodically and systematically smashed through instruction and decree and how the mayor and his friends divide the land among themselves and deal personally with any building ventures

Read how by buying property in Pomarico with the strong desire to go back home became hell, how our presented project for development of the area has lead to the massacre of our family and to the complete looting of the bought property in Pomarico. Read how dangerous it can be in Pomarico if you claim for your institutional rights and if you protest in a democratic way against despotism and injustice.

Mr. Uricchio protested in September 2005, by fixing banners on his property in Pomarico to call the attention of the citizens to the problem. As a result he is immediately and in public faced with open threats  by the Mayor of Pomarico with the words: “…I will take care that you regret being a citizen of Pomarico”. Open THREATS are in Pomarico “normal business”.

Of course – Citizens with good behaviour, law-abiding, well educated, who bring their competences, their funds and their knowledge to Pomarico are a disaster for the Mayor of Pomarico and his friends.

Read on this home-page, how the „ITALIAN INSTITUTIONS“ of the area work together with the „MAYOR“ a proved Mafiosi, to turn down economically a familiy of 9 members, with good behaviour, law-abiding, well educated. Read which psychological blackmail and other nastiness guided by the MAYOR and his “FRIENDS” you may face if you invest in POMARICO.

Read why after years of reports to the Police, charges, actions and communications, after we have informed all the higher control bodies, with a dossier well documented and sent to these bodies by registered mail, nothing has happened, no reply has been received and nobody shown up yet to verify the accusations.

Read how the Mayor and his „FRIENDS“ loot the municipal funds, the public purse and the EU for personal profit and also use that money  to destroy the landscape, the property of the family Uricchio and commit criminal acts.

Read how the STATE PROSECUTOR OF MATERA reacts by ignoring the reports to police – An incredible lesson !  

Organized crime has gained in the “PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION” in Pomarico its perfection.

The perversion of the “PUBLIC Virtues” are out of limit in this area. If the crime is committed by people who should represent the law, the citizen is powerless and subject to despotism and abuses, like us.

The only way to defend oneself in this area is the use of power or to get organized in FAMILIES that the government claims to be „MAFIOSI“ but which in the end offers the only protection.

Rights and law are worth little or nothing in this area.

We have lost a lot, but maybe we can, through our WEB-SITE, prevent in time others from committing the same fatal mistake we made ! 

Paolo Uricchio